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Immerse Yourself at Thos. Moser

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Some of the best ideas come from trusted friends who are able to look at the spirit of something from one step removed. This is the case with Thos. Moser’s Customer in Residence (CIR) program, which was inspired when a close friend asked if he could come into the workshop for a week or two to learn how to build something with his own two hands. Under the watchful eye of one of our craftspeople, he was able to take a simple design from start to finish, and he encouraged us to offer the gratifying experience to others. What a great idea! we thought; then, quite honestly, we were led to ask ourselves Why didn’t we think of that?
In the fall of 2007, we welcomed our first group of eager apprentices to Auburn for a week-long immersion in learning the intricacies of achieving the quality we demand of ourselves, which included the ins-and-outs of joinery, the shaping and molding of solid cherry, and even the right amount of elbow grease and additional wax required to bring out the natural luster of our beautiful woods.
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“To watch some of the professionals who come through here and make furniture themselves is so inspiring,” remarks David Moser. “When you hear at the end of their week that the experience was huge for them, it is mind-blowing. As a culture, we have divorced ourselves from the natural environment and people have stopped using their hands. There are three materials that bind us to our roots: wood, clay and stone—the three elemental materials since the dawn of man. We are hardwired to leave a legacy using those malleable materials, and there’s a halo effect for the cabinetmakers. They see someone who is successful, say, as a hedge-fund professional and who could spend time anywhere but who chose to spend it making a piece of furniture with them. During the signing ceremony, we shut the shop down so that the sense of pride can be honored. This really means something to those people and to the cabinetmakers, as well.”

This degree of self-immersion in the creation of a treasured possession lifts the investment in a piece of Thos. Moser furniture to a higher level. Not only is there the assurance of quality in design, materials, and technique inherent in all of our designs, but the home is furnished with the soul of the maker captured within the wood.
To find out more about the CIR program, which we institute about eight times a year, from April to November, click here