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The "Magic" of Engagement

MAY10 Mike EdoCant lrRGB resized 600Mike Beaumont inspecting the Edo Cantilevered Side Table

Hearing from fans of Thos. Moser, especially ones who have a passion for (and a history intertwined with) woodworking, makes us smile from ear to ear. When Greg and Nancy Barber of Minneapolis visited us, the exuberance with which they drank in our ambiance was contagious, and they left our cabinetmakers feeling appreciated and inspired. “For me, the son of a custom homebuilder and craftsman, it was a long-time dream come true,” wrote Greg in a letter thanking the team of crafts-men and -women who escorted them on their tour. “We were very impressed with the level of engagement of the entire team, which says a lot about Tom, his wife and now second generation family leaders. The ‘magic’ of this level of engagement you have is not often seen in the business world of today…which makes your place so special.”
We are gratified that the cabinetmakers who produce our furniture are so ardent about their work. Every piece of furniture is assigned to a particular craftsperson; it stays with that specialist from the time the first piece of wood is planed until the moment when the last piece of hardware is affixed and the piece personally signed by the artisan. “That’s a source of pride for us,” says cabinetmaker Mike Beaumont, who oversees the making of Thos. Moser tables. “The table area is my pride and joy!” Dare we say that his passion shines through in the heartfelt results he produces? In that respect, we are fortunate indeed.
In a postscript to his letter, Greg Barber wrote, “Tom and David: You should both be very proud of what you have created…it’s a neat story and more of what we need in our country today.” Thanks, Greg, and we certainly do agree!