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Supporting American Made


This story just came across our desks and made us stop to think a little – it’s a story we know very well, and it defines the ethos of Thos. Moser. Tom and Mary Moser founded the company back in 1972 and made a point to keep the company and jobs in Maine all these years, despite the economic pressures and challenges that have caused so many other manufacturing companies in Maine, and throughout the United States, to move overseas or close altogether.   The story is below, and was forwarded to us by our friends at the Wood Component Manufacturers Association. We hope it resonates as strongly with you as it did with us: 

ABC World News is doing a segment on “Made in America” this week stemming from President Obama’s State of the Union address and the topic of creating and selling products that are made in America and sold all over the world. We all know the storyline and the movement away from American manufacturing to the lower costs of producing goods in developing countries. Manufacturing made up for 33% of the workface in America back in 1960, and today only represents 9% of our workforce.

MadeInAmerica ABCIn the segment, ABC’s research indicates that if Americans spent just $64.00 per year more on American-made goods, it would create another 200,000 jobs in America. It seems like such a small figure to make such a huge impact on our economy. The segment also features a family who volunteered to have the camera crew search through their home for goods made in America and remove everything else. They were left with only a flower vase and the kitchen sink.

Tune in to ABC News Tonight to see the next segment or visit their website to catch up on the segments that have already aired.