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Feeling Justifiably Proud on Presidents Day

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We’re guessing it hasn’t escaped your notice that today is our country’s annual celebration of Presidents Day. We thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce you to a lesser-known side of Thos. Moser that relates to this august occasion. We like to think of it as the erudite facet of our highly creative soul because it involves libraries, courthouses, senate chambers, embassies and dignitaries—both foreign and domestic.
Did you know that our furniture is in every University of Georgia library that has been built or refurnished over the past ten years? Yep, and that’s quite a source of pride for us! Our own Aaron Moser travels the country meeting with the movers and shakers involved in significant institutional renovations or building programs as they plan the interiors that will spring from their new initiatives. Most recently, he was given the task of reincarnating an iconic table missing from the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies at the University of Georgia. “The conference table of the former Senator is owned by the Office of Senate Curator and is now being used by Vice President Biden,” he explains. “We were asked to create a replica of the table for the library so I went to measure and take photos. I like to see this as one of the ways we at Thos. Moser preserve the past, bringing it forward and breathing new life into iconic pieces with historical significance. It makes what I do so enjoyable!”
8738 35495f2183523e374ee67bb59ccb1dd7 resized 600We feel a tremendous level of respect for the relationships we’ve built in the halls of academia and in settings where some of the world’s most noteworthy political exchanges unfold. At one point in our recent history, we were called in as players in a very significant event. “Last fall I was a judge at a competition of Texas furniture makers near San Antonio,” says Tom Moser, explaining how our good fortune came about. “As a result we were asked to build the chairs that were later used by President Bush and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on the south lawn of the White House in April 2008 when the pontiff visited. Aaron, Andrew, David and I were guests for the occasion, and were humbled and honored by our reception. Those two Harpswell Chairs, while intrinsically the same as those being produced today, are now considered more valuable because of the cultural significance this provenance bestows upon them.”
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Most invaluable to all of us at Thos. Moser is the knowledge that we had the opportunity to stand proud during this momentous occasion in the history of our country. For that, we are both grateful and honored, and we give a big hand to our cabinetmakers for nurturing the quality we set out to achieve, the foundation for such moments of gratifying recognition.

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