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The Graceful Fluidity of the Female Form: It's Bella!


Tom Moser's "Bella"

History’s greatest artists spent lifetimes steeped in explorations of the human form: think Peter Paul Rubens and Michelangelo, for instance, and ask yourself what could possibly have held the fixation of these masters more stunningly than the human body. We at Thos. Moser have an equally vivid fascination with the physique, which is no surprise given that we’ve created furniture to embrace the human form since Tom Moser made his first chair in 1972.  

Tom sculpts his vision of "Bella"Those of you who know us well have watched as a new generation of Mosers has championed Tom’s passion for creating beautiful furnishings. Whether you are new to our story or not, you may be unaware that David, the youngest of the new guard, has been exploring his artistic side for some time. His sculptures are exhibited in the Thos. Moser showrooms, and if you visit, you’ll notice how the graceful fluidity of the female form holds sway in his creations. 

Tom's muse during a sitting...This month Tom has unveiled a sculpture of his own, christened “Bella,” which he brought into being early last year while wintering in La Belle, Florida. The life-sized siren-like sculpture was created in the likeness of a neighbor who inspired Tom to ask if she would pose for him. The cast-in-bronze Bella, who figuratively sprung from these sittings, perches upon a granite base—her expression serene though slightly coy and her demeanor delicately poised. She will develop an appealing patina over time if placed outdoors, while indoors her finish will remain unaffected by the elements. 

"Bella" comes to life!The prototype of Bella is ensconced in Tom’s home in Maine, and a limited edition of twenty is being sold through Thos. Moser showrooms in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and Washington, DC. “Replicating the human form in clay is a joyous experience,” remarks Tom. “Then seeing the effort cast in bronze through the lost wax process is magical.” Though the initial spark for the name Bella sprung from the central Florida town in which her visage was born, the word in Italian - meaning "beautiful girl" - makes it all the more fitting, doesn’t it?

Bella is the perfect timely feature today because not only is it Valentine’s Day (and who doesn’t love a beautiful sculpture?) but it's also New York Fashion Week, a premier celebration of the designers who complement the human form so expressively. Their collective inspirations for the fall couture season will be a delight to absorb, as they set the stage for fashion forward. Now that’s what we call living in the future! 

We’re thrilled to note the Bangor Daily News featured our winsome gal recently. To see what the venerable paper had to say, click here.