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Tom Moser turns 75!


Tom asked for no hoopla or celebration for his 75th birthday today, but we couldn't let this milestone day just sneak by quietly. Anyone who knows Tom knows he doesn't do things quietly.

So, in honor of Tom's birthday, we have pulled together some photos from the archives to celebrate this special day.

Also worth noting...we thought it would be fun to pull together a list of fun facts that took place in 1935 and here are a few...

Avg. new home cost: $3,450
Avg. salary: $1,600
Avg. new car price: $625
Cost of 1 gallon of gas: 10 cents

Amelia Earhart flies solo across the Pacific
Elvis Presley was born in 1935
The first canned beer goes on sale...and ironically...
Alcoholics Anonymous is founded in New York City

Enjoy a look back at Tom (Mary and family) over the years...