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Video of Tom Moser speaking at Woodworking in America conference


Tom MoserThis is an edited version of Tom's lecture at the Woodworking in America Conference (edited to 17:39, entire lecture was about from hour), courtesy of the Sandal Woods blog...

From the Sandal Woods blog posting of the video...

Family, personal, and company memories flowed in Mr. Moser's presentation to an audience of several hundred at the banquet held during the conference. He was funny, affable, and down-to-earth; a perfect gentleman and the consummate businessman. The slide show journey brought the audience from the humble beginnings of Thos. Moser, Cabinetmakers, to the enormous success it is today.

A personal note: The description of the Moser's travels in Asia took Sandy and I back in time. Immediately following the dinner and speech we were lucky to run into Mr Moser and his wonderful wife Mary in the hallway. In passing them I asked him a short question about a certain locale in Asia, not wanting to detract from their conversation with someone else. His eyes lit up, and we spent the next 20 minutes together, reminiscing with relish about locales and details from our parallel journeys almost 20 years apart. This was a wonderful end to a terrific speech about the exciting life experience of Mr. Thomas Moser and his wonderful wife Mary.

My hope is that in this edited version of a one-hour speech you are able to also glean into the life the Mosers, and the company they have built. It is a great journey, filled with great successes and a few setbacks.

To read more, please visit the Sandal Woods blog at: