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Introducing Meridian, a new collection by David Moser


We are pleased to announce the introduction of Meridian, the newest collection by David Moser. Meridian will be arriving in our showrooms in early September, 2009 and is available NOW to pre-order.

CLICK HERE for the online preview, or cut and paste this url into your address bar:

You won't find that link on our website; this special preview is available only to our online subscribers!

ORDER TODAY AND DAVID MOSER WILL PERSONALLY SIGN EACH PIECE: Every piece of authentic Thos. Moser furniture is signed and dated by the craftsman who built it. David Moser will be adding his signature to the craftsman's on each Meridian piece in the first 25 Meridian orders.

Meridian draws inspiration from diverse sources, principally Danish and Shaker influences, while adding David Moser's distinctive creative touch. While also available in cherry, this is our first collection to be introduced in ash as the preferred species, which allows the grain and texture of the wood to come to the fore and adds a clean, modernist feel.

CLICK HERE to visit our website where you can place an order and learn more about this collection. You may also pre-order Meridian through any of Thos. Moser showroom or by calling (800) 862-1973.