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Remembering an Icon: A Tribute to Sam Maloof


Over the years a number of furniture makers have influenced the work we perform here in Maine. Two living makers had a huge impact on, not only my aesthetic expressions, but also on our business sense. Now both George Nakashima and Sam Maloof are gone and we function only with their memories.

I met Sam twenty-five years ago at his Los Angeles home where he and Freda spent the day sharing the world of woodworking as he knew it. His insistence on hand crafting, on “reading” the wood for color and grain, on the avoidance of metal fasteners and modern shortcuts all resonated with me and much of his attitude has insinuated itself into my work and that of my son David’s.

Although he shared what I call the California Organic free-flowing form with other builders of the time, such as Art Carpenter and Wendell Castle, Sam was a singular force during his entire lifetime. He knew himself and he knew his work as few of us are inclined to do. He will be remembered and his work will span the ages.

(photo of Sam Maloof and Tom Moser at our Los Angeles showroom opening in March 2008. The duo spoke on their shared love of the craft and design inspirations to over 700 fans during the opening weekend)

(a shot of the packed house as Sam Maloof and Tom Moser took to the stage)

"Sam Maloof, a designer and woodworker whose furniture was initially prized for its simplicity and practicality by Southern Californian homeowners in the 1950s and later valued for its beauty and timelessness by collectors, museum curators and U.S. presidents, has died. He was 93."

-Janet Eastman, excerpt taken from the LA Times

Click to view the complete obituary from the LA Times.