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Our cabinetmakers are passionate about their craft, which shows in the work they do. What is most surprising to learn about this group is their passions and backgrounds outside of their work at Moser. We have a former lawyer, a retired Coast Guard and a professional bass fisherwoman, to name a few. Most of our cabinetmakers would rather have the lime-light on the furniture they create than on themselves, but it is worth noting some of the unique passions that bring together such a diverse and outstanding group.

Donna Farrar, one of our long time cabinetmakers, came up with this great poem below on the spot, so we had to share. We will continue to bring you more cabinetmaker profiles and stories of our team behind the scenes. Enjoy!

All of our hearts at Thos Moser are in the heart of the wood.

Each flame grain picked,
each measurement we take,
it's all important,
to the furniture we make.

Each customer we talk to,
we really do care,
it comes from the heart,
and that can be rare.

The personality, the craft, the skill,
it's all put in, to what is built.

If you buy a piece to call your own,
you will be proud, it's in your home.

-Donna Farrar, Cabinetmaker