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Meet the Cabinetmaker


One of the most common questions from our customers is: wanting to know created the Moser furniture in their home? Our June Mailer featured a profile on cabinetmaker Ron Gilbert, who works here in the shop and participated in our Customer in Residence program as a mentor.

Our hope is to continue profiling cabinetmakers to give customers a look behind the scenes at the skilled craftsmen and women crafting their family heirlooms. Be sure to check under your Moser furniture as you may just have a piece signed by one of the featured cabinetmakers...enjoy!

(l to r: Ron Gilbert, shown with Customer in Residence partner Peter Graf)

Name: Ron Gilbert

Area of specialty: Cases

Years with Thos. Moser: 7

Where did you grow up: Bethel, Maine

What is the most interesting trip you have taken: I took a trip to Denmark to learn how to compress wood to make bendings for furniture.

Favorite piece of Moser furniture: Dr. White's Chest

Have you made any Moser pieces as a gift: Yes, I made a New Gloucester Rocker as a wedding gift for my son and his wife.

What do you like most about your job: Being able to take pride in the craftsmanship.

What do you like least about your job: dust from sanding.

Hobbies/Interests: Music, fishing and motorcycles.

Do you have a special fishing hole: By map, I once found a beaver pond in an unorganized territory in Mason, Maine.

What is the most unusual thing you ever owned: I owned a rock & roll nightclub for three years.