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A special gift from a Customer in Residence alum


The most exciting part about our Customer in Residence (CIR) program is the bond created between the customer and their cabinetmaker mentor. Many of the customers coming in to the program find joy in putting a face to the cabinetmaker name signed on the bottom of the furniture that graces their homes. For the cabinetmakers, it is a chance to meet the customers and share their craft.

Our most recent group of CIR alumni featured a father/daughter team who spent the week with our resident cabinetmaker-mentor, Jim Boisvert, creating an Aria Desk. The group had a great week and swapped woodworking stories and interests. Jim was excited to learn that the father in this pairing creates wood carvings back home, so we sent him away after the week with a block of cherry. He took that block and whittled it into a beautiful dolphin statue as a gift for Jim, which we recently got a chance to seeā€¦

(the carving sent to cabinetmaker Jim Boisvert)

(the trio and their Aria desk, just before finishing)

(under the watchful eye of cabinetmaker Jim Boisvert)