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Celeb Sightings and other news from LA


Greetings Moser-philes! We are so excited to join forces with all of you, on this excellent corner of cyber-space. Wood enthusiasts up and down the west coast are a buzz, and we couldn’t agree with them more. The sun has been generous, during this, otherwise, June-gloom time of the year. Though we have had record temperatures, “hot” not only refers to what’s happening on the Malibu beaches. Culver City is topping the thermostat with the hottest in the design world, with innovating new ideas, high quality furniture, and an all-in-all look that cannot be beat. It would be no surprise that Thos. Moser is holding its own in the midst of the Helms Bakery District, the cornerstone of design in Culver City. We’re in our fourth month, and so far our response has been overwhelming!

Vice Presidential Visit
On Wednesday, June 25, 2008, David Mehlhorn visited our showroom for the first time since our Grand Opening. David is our vice president of sales and marketing and is the person who first scouted this terrific Helms Bakery location for us.

Not surprisingly, paparazzi lined the streets of Culver City, hoping to catch a few snapshots of the celebrity-from-within the Moser family. Soon after his arrival, he was spotted having lunch with Los Angeles Showroom Manager, Liza Robinson-Vidal at Wilson, Culver City hotspot, featured in the July 2008 edition of Gourmet Magazine, as one of Culver City’s Top Restaurants.

Keep It Clean, Keep It Green!
In keeping with the Los Angeles Showroom’s “Green Theme,” July 1st is the starting date for our new cleaning staff. Ho hum, you say? Well, sometimes the “little” things can still excite us, and in this case it’s the fact that the new crew will be using bio-sustainable, and eco-friendly cleaning products. What a breath of fresh, clean air!

Other Masters Of Woodwork Unite!
Los Angeles’s L.A. Modern, begins the L.A. Modern Auctions, on display at the Pacific Design Center. Up for auction are various pieces by George Nakashima, one of Tom Moser’s influences (as Tom discusses in his book, Artistry in Wood) and Sam Maloof, who you may recall was gracious enough to participate in our Grand Opening weekend. More info at http://www.lamodern.com.

It’s Easy Being Green!
Also this week, Liza attended the Culver City Green Business Association (last month they held their 1-year anniversary in our showroom, click here for pics). Nearly 15 members attended, many of which were new to the organization. Congrats to our own Liza who got voted in as the Membership Chair. There was quite a bit of discussion regarding the mixed use development at Washington Blvd. / National Blvd., and also the Expo Light Rail.

High Fidelity To A Good Night Sleep
John Cusak was recently seen wandering into Hastens Mattress Company and Moser neighbor in the Helms Bakery District, in dark glasses with a hood over his head (understandable, in this harsh, sunny, Southern California climate).

Hastens Staff members believed him to be homeless. When the glasses came off, however, they realized it was total “Serendipity.” http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000131

Aaron Moser made a surprise visit into town last Saturday. Aaron has been around the company since his folks Tom & Mary started it over 36 years ago, and for the last decade-plus he has been instrumental in guiding its growth while working in various capacities.

Liza drove to Anaheim and accompanied Aaron, Michael Brown (from our Freeport Showroom, at left with Liza), and John Kluzak (oversees our engineering department, above with Aaron) to Yardhouse, a new trendy concept restaurant in Orange County. Kitchen staff at Yardhouse pulled out all the stops to create the best presentation possible, as they only wanted the best for someone of Aaron’s elite culinary background (you may not know that Aaron holds a degree in culinary arts from Johnson & Wales University and is quite an amazing chef in his own right). http://www.yardhouse.com/

Next Week – LA Premiere of MOSERFORM
Next week will see the arrival of five pieces of MOSERFORM furniture will arrive in the LA showroom on July 9, in preparation of the July 10 ASID Trade event, which will also be held in the showroom. To learn more about MOSERFORM, click here.