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Piece of the Day - Astral Bench


Ok, you just knew this one had to be coming up soon...the Astral Bench is one of the most intersting and unique pieces we make.

In the late 1970s, Tom Moser spent some time in Denmark and fell in love with the tailored design and perfect proportions that were always characteristics of Danish furniture design. The Astral Bench falls squarely in this clean, structured school, shaping space with strict regularity and dramatic form.

When light hits this piece, the room comes alive in a pattern frequency reminiscent of a celestial arc—thus its celestial name.

The Astral Bench is constructed of cherry “matchsticks” joined in a solid, gently curving bench seat, which in turn seems to float in midair. The integrity of the entire bench relies on the careful placement of each separate element and masterful joinery techniques.

First conceived as a "statement piece" for large universities and corporate spaces, the original design (directly above) arced almost 90 degrees and therefore required no "feet", but it also required a massive space.

For residential use, we re-designed the bench (shown below) so it now curves at a more gentle 128-degree radius, echoing a natural geometry that softens the linear construction of this piece.

This last photo (directly above) is of our Los Angeles Showroom, which is currently the only one of our showrooms where you can see an Astral Bench in person.

The standard residential Astral Bench measures 32"H x 147"W x 43"D and sells for $12,000. It can also can be made in a number of different diameters and lengths so please call or email for quote.