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Piece of the Day


A new tradition is born....the Piece of the Day. Each day (or something close to that) we'll list a diferent Moser original as our piece of the day. We'll try to not always focus only on those pieces that are simply the most popular, but include those that for some reason or another might tend to get overlooked or overshadowed by other pieces that we make.

Ok, to start this off {insert drum roll here}...our first Piece of the Day is...

American Bungalow Media Cabinet (custom)

Tom Moser has always said that we build furniture for people, not for equipment. This may be one reason why our collection of standard media cases and TV stands is somewhat limited. However, I picked this piece for precisely that reason. Many people, especially those who are new to Thos. Moser, may not realize that we do custom work. In fact, we do a lot of custom work. In our world, "custom" can mean a simple size modification to one of our standard pieces, or a complete, never-seen-before one-off piece that is designed in collaboration with a customer to fit a specific need. This custom media case is an example of exactly that. So, if this particular piece doesn't suit your specific needs, please feel free to give us a call and we'll do our best accomodate you!