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From hands to heart...an example of how a piece of furniture can be a vessel of meaning


One of the cabinetmakers in our shop, David Mabany, has his family roots in Chicago. His sister Carol still lives there and is a writer with the Chicago Tribune. A while back, David and Carol decided it would great to celebrate the end of a lengthly home rennovation by Carol and her husband by having David build them a Windsor-style Continuous Arm Bench. Carol's husband had "yearned for this bench" for quite some time.

The results of the project reinforced a family bond and turned a former Chicago city boy into a true-blue Maine-iac. Both David and Carol wrote about the experience for the Tribune, and their articles are very much worth reading...

Click below to read David's story about building a bench for his sister:
Bench marks of love: From a brother's hands ...

Click below to read Carol's story about "a bench that, at once, is a living, breathing 24-spindled story":
Bench marks of love: To a sister's heart and home

Thanks to David and Carol for sharing this wonderful story!