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Some blogs have all the fun (and generate LOTS of traffic)


For the last year or so, there is one blog in particular that seems to have captured the attention of bloggers and tech-geeks from Silicon Valley to the Big Apple. The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs is a humorous tech-inspired blog is not, in fact, penned by the Apple CEO (although Jobs anmd Bill Gates are said to be avid readers) and until recently the blogger's true identity remained a mystery.

For his entry on Aug 18, Fake Steve posted a rather off-hand reference (with a link) to Thos. Moser. The results were astounding. On the first day alone, over 1,500 clicked the link to our site. The next day another 1,000, and for the next few days after that the clicks just kept mounting up. To date this innocuous reference in a non-furniture-related blog is the single highest traffic generating link to our site yet. Ahhhh, the power of the internet. CLICK HERE to see the post that generated all this traffic to our site.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Well, not really an end because there is little doubt that this infamous-turned-famous blog will carry on, so perhaps just the end of an era. At about the time the post with our link hit the blogosphere, Fake Steve was outed by NY Times reporter Brad Stone. The mystery was spoiled and reaction was immediate, but still the traffic just keeps on coming.

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