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A Comfortable Seat That Rocks


We got some nice ink in the Baltimore Sun over this past weekend (although using the term "ink" almost qualifies as old school since so many people get their news online these days) about our classic New Gloucester Rocker. Rita St. Clair is a Baltimore-based interior designer and often writes about home-design issues and trends. This time around she was answering a question from a reader about where to find a comfortable rocker. Here is a brief snippet of what she had to say...

Such a beautiful adaptation of a classic American design will go nicely in most homes with modern or contemporary designs. And not only are the chair's proportions appealing, but they also make it comfortable to sit in.

To read the entire Q&A, please CLICK HERE.

And since the online version of the article did not include a photo, here is one for your viewing pleasure...

Furniture Fashion Knows Good Design When They See It...Again


The folks at the Furniture Fashion blog have single out one of David Moser's designs, yet again. This time they shine the spotlight on the Pasadena Dining Chair.

Here is a bit of what they had to say...

The elegant hourglass shape of this classical arm or side chair has only one flat plane that otherwise seems carved rather than assembled. Shapely legs are faceted and splayed to provide stability without bulk using the least amount of material needed to comfortably support the sitter. The Pasadena's seats are wide and as comfortable as any solid wood dining chair could be without upholstery thanks to a well defined contour of the seat.

Thanks so much, we appreciate the kind words! Click this link to view the blog... http://www.furniturestoreblog.com/2008/08/30/the_pasadena_traditional_dining_chair_from_thomas_moser

Piece of the Day - Sofia Lounge Seating


Perhaps no other piece we've designed better celebrates the natural glory of cherry and our desire to create objects of timeless grace than the Sofia seating collection.

The long cherry panels and wine-glass-shaped corner joints remind us of the graceful lines of an old wooden boat transom.

One's eye is drawn along the swirling cherry patterns of its side panels to the darker, delicately tapered corner joint framed between.

The contemporary lines of the Sofia collection will accompany an eclectic mix of pieces.

Blending graceful curves and straight edges is no simple task, and the innovative use of pendantives to create the stunning dome of the Hagia Sofia in Instanbul, Turkey, was the inspiration for Tom Moser's design.

Dallas Loves Pasadena!


We don't currently have a showroom in Dallas, or anywhere in Texas for that matter (a situation we hope we can address someday), so getting noticed there in the morning newspaper is even more special for us than it would be in one of the seven cities where we do have showrooms.

Paige Phelps from the Dallas Morning News writes that she is "in love" with David Moser's new Pasadena Living Collection. These pieces, a Slipper Chair and Ottoman, Sofa, and set of 3 occasional tables, follow on the heels of the very successful dining collection of the same name, introduced earlier this year. Here are a few photos of these exciting new pieces...

To read Paige's review of this new collection, please use this link: http://shoppingblog.dallasnews.com/archives/2008/08/thomas-mosers-new-pasadena-liv.html

To view more photos of these pieces, along with pricing and other info, on our website simply click on the images above.

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