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A "sneak peak" at our Boston Showroom


A blog called The Maple Board came to our attention today...seems as though the author was sneaking around our Boston Showroom with his "stealth" camera. We only wish he had stopped and said hello to one our showroom folks, we always like to meet people who appreciate our work!

Here are a few of the pics that this blogger took...

We love bloggers, especially those that love us! So next time you are in one of our stores please feel free to say hello and let us know what you're up to, we won't bite and we'll be happy to either help or just get out of your way.

Edo Trestle Table gets some more attention


Last summer David Moser won gold at the Spark Awards for his Edo Trestle Table. Well, in the true spirit of "blogs can be about anything", this particular blogger has compiled a blog about awarded or nomineed products from various design awards and competitions. Since the Edo Trestle Table was award a gold at the Sparks, she included it in her blog (click on the image to go to our entry her blog)...

Shown above in Walnut, the Edo Trestle Table has quickly become one of our most popular dining tables.

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