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Design Hole features David Moser as Designer of the Week


Jennifer Mitchell is a designer based in Detroit. Her blog Design Hole is one of our favorites. Not only does she get bonus points for blogging about Moser numerous times, but her overall sense for design is right on target. We reccomend you add her blog as one of your regular stops on the web...here are some links to her entires about Thos. Moser:

Art & Design for Life, by Katy Elliot


Katy Elliot is a blogger who has this to say about us:

I've been in love with [Moser] furniture since I was kid. The cherry dining tables are beyond gorgeous. The color and luster are stunning—sanded so smooth you won't be able to stop running your hands over the tabletop. The images don't do justice to the quality of the workmanship in each and every piece. When you buy a piece from Thomas Moser your buying an heirloom that will be passed down for generations.

And she knows what she is talking about....Katy was at House & Garden magazine for a few years and now does freelance web editorial and production over at Domino magazine. She uses her blog as place to organize all the things she finds along the way.

Thanks for the kinds words, Katy!

The Artful Blogger (Portland, Maine)


Fletcher shows in the other L.A.

From the surprisingly big-time department, Maine figurative artist Tanya Fletcher will show her work in March in the new Los Angeles showroom of Maine-based furniture-maker Thos. Moser, opening in March.

When she got word that she was selected to show in Thos. Moser’s L.A., Fletcher thought that meant Lewiston-Auburn.

She focuses her work on the human form, and in particular details of the body – a hand, the lips or neckline. In current work, she emphasizes the hands as they are engaged in furniture making. “My hope is that the figurative movement of the hands illustrates and encompasses the totality of the actual individual in the act of crafting a piece,” she said in an e-mail.

To learn more, visit http://tanyafletcher.com/ or http://www.thosmoser.com/.

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