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Gift With Purchase


One thing is for sure, and that is people generally like to get free stuff. They especially like it when it is something very special that will last a lifetime. So you can imagine how excited people have been to learn that Thos. Moser is offering a free gift of handcrafted fine furniture with any qualifying purchase during this holiday season.

From now until December 24th, you will receive a choice of items shown above with any qualifying purchase. In fact, our showrooms have a limited number of these items on hand if you would like to take your gift home with you when you place your order, either for yourself or as a holiday gift for a loved one. Or if you prefer, we can ship it to the address of your choice. Please note that orders must be placed by December 10 in time for receipt of your gift by December 24.

There are some restrictions and a minimum order size is necessary to qualify, so CLICK HERE NOW to get all the details at our website.

Piece of the Day - Chine Chaise


Originally conceived as a studio piece, the Chine Chaise is yet another extraordinary design by David Moser, crafted entirely from re-imagined elements of the Edo Chair.

More than a few of us thought David was making a sculpture, not a piece of furniture, when we first encountered him working on it in the shop—until we reclined in it.

Then it was clear this was a striking and functional piece; we decided to make a few more and offer them for sale. This eye-grabbing piece is a sure way to make a statement.

This piece is part of our new Studio Session collection, which includes three unique designs by David and his father (and our founder) Tom Moser. For more details, CLICK HERE NOW.

To celebrate the introduction of the Studio Session designs, we are offering a limited quantity of 10 (TEN) numbered and signed 2008 first editions of each piece.

How to inspire a cabinetmaker


Our Customer in Residence (CIR) program was created as a unique opportunity for our customers to visit our shop and, under the direction of a seasoned cabinetmaker, make their own piece of furniture utilizing the same tools and woodworking techniques that our own craftspeople use on a daily basis. Created as a customer-focused program, one of the nice "side effects" has been the impact it has had on our employees, specifcally the cabinetmakers who get to work alongside the customers during this week-long immersion program.

Below is a short video of cabinetmaker Harley Swanson, who recently had his first chance to work side-by-side with one of our customers. In this clip from the furniture-signing ceremony of our most recent session, Harley speaks to the impact that it had on him...

To learn more about this inspirational program, read about it on this blog or visit the CIR page on our website.

We have another class of CIR participants arriving next week so hopefully we'll have a few words from the participants that we'll be able to post here...stay tuned!

Thos. Moser featured at BrandMinute.com


What do high-powered international brands like Coca Cola, Apple, Porche, Microsoft, Disney, McDonalds, Patagonia, Accenture, and Vitamin Water all have in common with Thos. Moser? All of those companies have also been featured at BrandMinute.com, a blog that "covers your favorite brands in about a minute". Created by an integrated marketing firm based outside Boston, BrandMinute.com features marketing, branding and design news and information that's concise, street-smart and fun to read.

Today BrandMinute.com features our Los Angeles showroom (shown above), calling it "classic design for Southern California". They went on to say, "the new Thos. Moser store in Los Angeles was carefully planned to reflect this Maine company’s commitment to sustainability."

CLICK HERE to read the entire blog entry.

And if you happen to live in southern California or will be in the area on Nov. 8, we invite you to stop by the showroom as we host a reception honoring another great Maine organization The Jackson Laboratory, a world-renowned research center that is leading the search for tomorrow's cures. This event will include a keynote address by Dr. Charles Hewett, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of The Jackson Laboratory. For all the details, please CLICK HERE to read about it at our website.

Coming soon...a day in the life of the Moser workshop


We recently picked up a Flip video camera in the hopes that we can start to bring you some video from our shop and other interesting places.

For our first test, we thought we'd post a brief clip of where it all starts in our shop...The Woodpile.

Thos. Moser furniture is crafted from American Black Cherry, a sustainable bequest from the Allegheny Plateau of Pennsylvania. The learn about our board selection process, take our online shop tour, or come see the real thing at our workshop in Maine.

Stay tuned for more videos...if there is anything in particular you'd like us to show from our shop, please post your request as a comment below and we'll do our best to make it happen!

Piece of the Day - Chaise


The Chaise takes its inspiration from furniture designs created by European architects in the 1920's and 1930's.

Taking our cue from Alvar Aalto, we've replaced tubular steel with the warmth of natural cherry and mortise-and-tenon joinery.

The sinuous cherry frame supports a webbed back, upholstered in full-grain leather. A removable headrest provides additional comfort, if desired. The two-position Chaise reclines fully without any handles or gadgets. Simply lean back and let gravity do the rest.

A blogger from BC discovers Thos. Moser


"BC" as in British Columbia...Nelson, British Columbia to be exact. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we do day-to-day here that we almost forget that the world does not revolve around Auburn, Maine. But then we may take an order from a customer in Germany, or get a call from a new "fan" in Texas who just came across our website for the first time, or we may read a blog post by Andrea in Nelson, British Columbia and we once again realize that this is truely a time of globalization.

So whether you live next door or on the other side of the planet, we invite you to read Andrea's blog, as well as some of the others that have been noted in this space, and then maybe you too will feel like you've got some new friends from all over the world.

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