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The Thos. Moser Story - a new video


Thos. Moser has always been about more than furniture. When Tom and Mary Moser founded Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers in 1972, it was with the desire to restore the relationship between man and his practical art. As the company has grown, the core values of community, heritage, philosophy and longevity have remained as the foundation of who we are and what we do. This fast-paced video, with commentary by Tom and David Moser as well as cabinetmakers from our shop and even a Thos. Moser customer, provides some insight into what makes Thos. Moser different and special.

A Unique Maine Experience - Customer In Residence at Thos. Moser


CustomerInResidenceWe just uploaded eight new videos to our YouTube site from our most recent Customer In Residence (CIR) program, held just a few weeks ago. Our next group arrives this Sunday evening and will be here working in the shop first thing Monday morning!


If you have ever wondered what's goes into designing and building a piece of heirloom-quality Moser furniture, now you can experience it for yourself. What started as an experiment has blossomed into a full-fledged program that, much to our amazement, has attracted interest from all over the globe! The Customer In Residence program is a weeklong intensive internship for folks who want to experience the process of building Thos. Moser furniture for themselves. Each participant works side-by-side with a master cabinetmaker in our shop. This mentor will assist in the selection of raw materials and the crafting of a hallmark Moser piece. Among many things, the participants learn first hand about the intricacies of joinery, the shaping and molding of solid cherry, and even how to bring out the natural luster of wood with the right amount of wax and elbow grease. And they get to leave with an heirloom quality piece of Thos. Moser furniture, built by their owns hands that will be enjoyed for several generations. This is a rare experience for the novice or expert woodworker and may well be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

In all we've posted on YouTube nearly two dozen video clips of CIR participants talking about their experience on the final day of their program week at the signing ceremony, use the link below to check them out and hear first hand how the CIR program can be a life-changing experience....

WARNING: these videos are likely to bring out the hidden woodworker inside of you, so watch at your own risk!

In the clip above, our CIR "Dean of Students" (and manager of our Freeport Showroom) Steve Wyman kicks off the September 2010 signing ceremony with some background on how the program has grown and evolved.  

CLICK HERE to visit the CIR section of our YouTube site and see  participants themselves talk about their experiences in the shop.

Customer in Residence Alumnus Creates Beautiful Wood Carvings


One of the exciting “side effects” of our Customer in Residence (CIR) program has been the special bond that is created between the program alumni and the people of our company.


For example, this week we received an email from Janette, a CIR alumni from this past Spring. Janette attended the program with her dad Joseph, who is an accomplished woodcarver in his own right. Together with master craftsman Jim Boisvert, Janette and Joseph built an Aria Writing Desk during their CIR week here in the shop. When Jim heard that Joseph creates wood carvings, he gave Joseph a block of cherry to take home. Joseph took that block and carved it into a beautiful dolphin statue as a gift for Jim...

(the carving sent to cabinetmaker Jim Boisvert)

Now Janette has sent a photo of another remarkable carving by her dad, which he did shortly after completing the dolphin carving for Jim. We are amazed! This time Joseph has brought his talent to bear on a carving of the Aria Writing Desk that he had built with his daughter...

Without the quarter on top, it would be hard to tell that it wasn’t the real thing (shown at right). So now Janette has the full size desk; and Joseph he has this one.

The details in Joseph's work are really remarkable...to view at a larger size, click on this thumbnail:

Here’s a shot of Jim, Janette and Joseph in the shop just prior to finishing the actual full-size desk that they built together...

(the trio and their Aria desk)

You also might enjoy this video clip of Janette and Joseph talking about their CIR week at the final signing ceremony on the last day of their stay with us:

Thanks to Janette and Joseph for sharing these photos with us, and to all our CIR alumni for their continued support and friendship!


Thos. Moser helps MAINE magazine celebrate local design at launch party


Thos. Moser Lounge at Maine magazine partyWith the debut of the September issue, Port City Life magazine officially became Maine magazine. On August 27, the new Maine magazine held a launch party to celebrate their introduction to the world at a newly built (and as of yet unoccupied) environmentally friendly office building at 100 Waterman Drive in South Portland. Many thanks to Maine magazine for this photo of our lounge space (click to enlarge).

We were pleased to be asked to represent the Maine design community, along with 4 local interior design firms (namely Brett Johnson, GF McGreggor, Spaces NB, and Banks Design Associates), by setting up one of five designer lounge spaces on the fourth floor.

The party attracted more than 600 folks from all over Maine, prompting the Portland Press Herald to call it "THE social event of 2009."  The music, food, and the views were all spectacular. We'd like to congratulate publisher Kevin Thomas, editor Susan Kelley, and the entire Maine magazine staff for putting together a terrific event.

Thanks to our partners at SunScapes, Lighting Concepts, and Flora Home for their help with our lounge space.

For those who missed it, below are two short video clips of the designer lounge spaces and of the party itself...

Maine Magazine Launch Party:

Tour of designer lounge spaces:

Graduation Day! Our Customer In Residence Program Celebrates Another Successful Week


A "signing ceremony" was held on Friday, May 15 to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of our latest Customer In Residence (CIR) partipciants. This program is a weeklong intensive internship for our customers who want to experience the process of building Moser furniture for themselves. Below are short video clips from the signing ceremony where the participants come together with all the employees at our shop to describe their experience...

For more information about the Customer In Residence program, CLICK HERE NOW to visit the CIR page on our website.

Piece of the Day - Introducing Kinesis


Introducing the Kinesis Chair & Ottoman. These carved pieces are punctuated by sculpted, fine art bronze bases, a first from Moser making this a truly groundbreaking design. Taken as a whole, the Kinesis Chair & Ottoman combine three basic materials that have enriched mankind’s evolution from the dawn of civilization: wood, leather, and bronze. Kinesis will be officially introduced in our 2009 catalog, but can be pre-ordered today!

In a celebration of complementary materials Kinesis sits on a sculpted, five-star bronze base—cast at a local foundry—which provides solid enduring support and grounds the momentum of the piece. Wrapped leather or suede cloth upholstery further accentuates the curvilinear design.

In this short 4 minute video, David Moser discusses how his latest innovative design came to fruition...


You can be among the first to own this exciting new design! Kinesis Chair & Ottoman will debut in our January 2009 catalog, however we are accepting pre-orders right now (delivery will be in the March/April 2009 timeframe). Pre-orders can be done online, through any of our showrooms, or by calling our Customer Care Center in Maine at 800-708-9045.

CLICK HERE NOW for pricing and other details.

How to inspire a cabinetmaker


Our Customer in Residence (CIR) program was created as a unique opportunity for our customers to visit our shop and, under the direction of a seasoned cabinetmaker, make their own piece of furniture utilizing the same tools and woodworking techniques that our own craftspeople use on a daily basis. Created as a customer-focused program, one of the nice "side effects" has been the impact it has had on our employees, specifcally the cabinetmakers who get to work alongside the customers during this week-long immersion program.

Below is a short video of cabinetmaker Harley Swanson, who recently had his first chance to work side-by-side with one of our customers. In this clip from the furniture-signing ceremony of our most recent session, Harley speaks to the impact that it had on him...

To learn more about this inspirational program, read about it on this blog or visit the CIR page on our website.

We have another class of CIR participants arriving next week so hopefully we'll have a few words from the participants that we'll be able to post here...stay tuned!

Coming soon...a day in the life of the Moser workshop


We recently picked up a Flip video camera in the hopes that we can start to bring you some video from our shop and other interesting places.

For our first test, we thought we'd post a brief clip of where it all starts in our shop...The Woodpile.

Thos. Moser furniture is crafted from American Black Cherry, a sustainable bequest from the Allegheny Plateau of Pennsylvania. The learn about our board selection process, take our online shop tour, or come see the real thing at our workshop in Maine.

Stay tuned for more videos...if there is anything in particular you'd like us to show from our shop, please post your request as a comment below and we'll do our best to make it happen!

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