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Meet the Cabinetmaker


It has been a while since we have featured a cabinetmaker on here, but with our Spring catalog arriving in homes, it only seems fitting.

Side note: If you haven't received your April catalog, you should shortly and if you aren't on our mailing list, you can sign up here.

Our featured cabinetmaker is Carol Dall.

Carol leads our upholstery department and has been with Moser for more than 12 years. She has an infectious laugh that can be heard throughout the shop. The work our upholstery team does is truly amazing, whether working with customer-specified fabrics or fulfilling special requests, they are the final eyes on each piece that leaves the shop. Here is a closer look at Carol, a special member of the Moser team...

Name: Carol Dall

Area of specialty: Upholstery

Years with Thos. Moser: 12

Where did you grow up: Auburn, Maine (not far from the shop)

Favorite piece of Moser furniture: A tie between the Lolling Chair and the American Bungalow Collection

Have you made any  special Moser pieces as gifts: I made a Boyker Bench and Wall Mirror for my daughter and a Continuous Arm Chair for my grandson. (Carol has 5 grandchildren!)

What did you do before coming to Moser: I worked as a healthcare provider and in retail sales.

What do you like most: the people I work with

What do you like least about your job: not being able to tie up loose ends at the end of the day. (Which is easy to understand, since she can be found still working at the end of the day when the lights are out!) 

Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, reading, working out, recently joining a local running club

If you want to learn more about the people that make up Thos. Moser, please visit our website.


Just in! Thos. Moser in the news...


We were pleased to learn that Ray Routhier, of the Portland Press Herald, was interested in coming to the shop to follow a cabinetmaker through the process of building a chair as part of his Maine at Work series. Ray was teamed up with George Colby last week to watch, learn and participate in the making of a Pasadena Chair. The series, Maine at Work, takes an interactive look at iconic, visible or just plain interesting jobs done by folks in Maine. He shadows  workers, reports what he sees, and tries his hand at some of the job's duties.

Read the full story here.


Also, in recent news, the staff at our Freeport showroom teamed up with Susan Williams of Swans Island Blankets and Deb Chatfield of Chatfield Designs to take part in the Camden Garden Club Decorators Showhouse in Camden, ME. Our Aria Chairs and Round Ring Dining Table were featured...check out the post on Deb Chatfield's site!



Let us know what you think!

Thos. Moser Graduates the Eighth Customer in Residence Group!


What a week! Our eighth week of hosting customers for the Customer in Residence program has come to a close - we hope to have sent our customers home with great memories and an appreciation for the work that goes into hand-crafting a piece of Moser furniture. They have left our cabinetmakers with some great stories and the opportunity to share the skill. This group hailed from across the country, with one customer driving all the way from California with his wife to take part in the experience. This week, we had Navy Seals, a machine shop owner, an orchard manager, friends, brothers, etc. participate in the program.

The week included time in the shop building the piece of furniture they selected, tours of the shop, our showroom, dinners, time to relax and more. The week was capped off with a signing/graduation ceremony this morning with all of the shop, the customers' spouses and families in attendance. Here are a few pictures from the ceremony...

A Chest fit for a Captain

(above) One participant, Captain Krongard, worked with cabinetmaker, Paul Blank to build a Captain's Chest. We thought this picture had great meaning, signed by Tom Moser (retired from the Air Force), Captain Krongard (US Navy) and Paul Blank (retired from the Coast Guard).

We thank all of the customers for spending their vacation with us doing what we do, day in and day out! Safe travels home...

New Product! Meet the Pasadena Rocker...


We are offering a special sneak preview of David Moser's new Pasadena Rocker for our online friends and customers. The rocker will be introduced in our Summer Mailer, which will arrive in homes in the next couple of weeks, and can then be seen in any of our seven showrooms nationwide. The rocker is available in cherry and walnut.

We have received some great publicity on the rocker so far...
Arizona Foothills Magazine
Modern Luxury Blog

Graduation Day! Our Customer In Residence Program Celebrates Another Successful Week


A "signing ceremony" was held on Friday, May 15 to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of our latest Customer In Residence (CIR) partipciants. This program is a weeklong intensive internship for our customers who want to experience the process of building Moser furniture for themselves. Below are short video clips from the signing ceremony where the participants come together with all the employees at our shop to describe their experience...

For more information about the Customer In Residence program, CLICK HERE NOW to visit the CIR page on our website.

How to inspire a cabinetmaker


Our Customer in Residence (CIR) program was created as a unique opportunity for our customers to visit our shop and, under the direction of a seasoned cabinetmaker, make their own piece of furniture utilizing the same tools and woodworking techniques that our own craftspeople use on a daily basis. Created as a customer-focused program, one of the nice "side effects" has been the impact it has had on our employees, specifcally the cabinetmakers who get to work alongside the customers during this week-long immersion program.

Below is a short video of cabinetmaker Harley Swanson, who recently had his first chance to work side-by-side with one of our customers. In this clip from the furniture-signing ceremony of our most recent session, Harley speaks to the impact that it had on him...

To learn more about this inspirational program, read about it on this blog or visit the CIR page on our website.

We have another class of CIR participants arriving next week so hopefully we'll have a few words from the participants that we'll be able to post here...stay tuned!

Coming soon...a day in the life of the Moser workshop


We recently picked up a Flip video camera in the hopes that we can start to bring you some video from our shop and other interesting places.

For our first test, we thought we'd post a brief clip of where it all starts in our shop...The Woodpile.

Thos. Moser furniture is crafted from American Black Cherry, a sustainable bequest from the Allegheny Plateau of Pennsylvania. The learn about our board selection process, take our online shop tour, or come see the real thing at our workshop in Maine.

Stay tuned for more videos...if there is anything in particular you'd like us to show from our shop, please post your request as a comment below and we'll do our best to make it happen!

Summer Camp - it's not just for kids anymore


Washington Spaces magazine, our favorite "shelter book" from our nation's capital, posted a nice story about our Customer In Residence program on their blog. If you haven't heard about this program yet, please swing by the Washington Spaces blog and check it out, or you can read about it on our "offical" website as well:

Customer in Residence on Washington Spaces blog

Customer In Residence "official" site

We'll see if we can get a first hand account of the program posted here on the Moser blog as well, so stay tuned...

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