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In her own words: Melissa Coleman's MOSERstyle

Casual chaise comfort
One of the things we’ve learned over the years is that there’s no fooling the true design devotee who has paid attention to what he or she likes in order to create a finely-honed sense of style. We’ve noticed lately that the quintessential Thos. Moser collector defies prescribed age categories and stylistic pigeonholing; a shared characteristic is the fact they are particularly savvy in their tastes when introducing high style into their interiors. 
A hardworking Edo trestle tableCase in point is Melissa Coleman, a writer for Maine Home + Design and an author/blogger, who welcomed us into her LEED-certified home to spend a day with her and her twin five-year-old daughters. Melissa and Eric Wallace own their delightful Freeport home in partnership with Robbie George of Colorado. We couldn’t wait to go behind the scenes with the young family and to discover the reasons that inspired Melissa to choose our furniture for the lovely home they’ve created.
Living with lasting styleTM: The average piece of American furniture travels 26,000 miles before landing in homes. Moser furniture travels less than 500 miles from the forest to the shop. Did that weigh into your decision to buy our furniture?
MC: We appreciate the fact that Moser furniture is made from trees harvested with sustainable practices and crafted in a workshop just 40 minutes away from us in Auburn, and that the furniture is intended to last as long as it took the tree to grow.
TM: We love seeing your girls busy at work at our dining table. How have your Moser pieces held up to the wear and tear of daily life?
MC: When we first moved in, our friends asked if we were afraid to let the kids near the Moser furniture. While we were hesitant at first, I’ve always liked the philosophy that precious things shouldn’t be hidden away but used and loved, so we’ve done just that. While we’ve had our share of scratches and dents, a little steel wool, Butcher’s wax, and TLC—or a visit from Moser’s magician, Marc Labonte—and the wood looks like new again. Once when the finish on our table couldn’t withstand the direct light from the large windows, Thos. Moser resurfaced it with a different finish and we haven’t had a problem with it since.
TM: You mix our traditional furniture like the Wing Sofa with more sculptural pieces like our Chaise. How did you decide which pieces to buy?
MC: When this house was on the market in 2008, the homebuilder worked with Freeport Community Services to host an open house with tours and home efficiency workshops. The event organizers brought in furniture from local and sustainable businesses, including pieces from Thos. Moser, which fit the look of the living and dining areas perfectly. When we bought the house in partnership with business partner, Robbie George, we thought it all worked so well, in fact, that we opted to include the Moser furniture. Moser then donated 10 percent of their profit from the sale to benefit Freeport Community Services.
Custom continuous arm chair stool
To read more of Melissa’s take on collecting our furniture and to hear stories by other passionate patrons in our brand new 2011 Thos. Moser catalog—which we call “MOSERstyle”—click here and order yours. You’ll be hearing about our new MOSERstyle attitude a great deal in the coming months as we have just rolled out a lively online presence that we hope will encourage a dynamic interaction between our Thos. Moser friends, family and fans as we build a thriving community around an appreciation for what we do best.
We’d be thrilled if you’d take part in this lively dialogue! Visit the site to upload stories and images of your own brand of MOSERstyle. If you enjoy social media connections, you can follow us on Twitter and “like” our Facebook page, which we regularly update with news and events. We’ve all got such great stories to tell and we'd love to hear yours, in your own words.
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