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Set decorators gather at Thos. Moser Los Angeles Showroom


Our Los Angeles Showroom recently played host to the SDSA (Set Decorators Society of America) annual holiday party. We were excited to be able to introduce our work to those responsible for creating the environments we see on TV and in the movies.

Thank you to the SDSA for selecting our showroom for their holiday gathering, and to the wonderful partners that work with them on TV and movie sets and helped make this event special, including Eclipse-Worldwide, Aah Inspiring Balloons, Dr. Christmas Rents, Tic Tock Couture Florals, Classic Party Rentals, Skinny Dog Design Group, and Lamp Expo. The event also supported the Spark of Love toy drive.

Many of the set decorators who attended were unfamiliar with Thos. Moser, but a few had worked with us in the past.

One particular woman told a story of a Thos. Moser Pencil Post Bed she wanted to purchase for a movie set that she was decorating years ago. Given the temporary nature of movie set, the producer thought the bed was just too expensive to purchase, so she agreed to buy the bed from the producer after the shoot (at a substantial discount) if he would purchase the bed for the film. He agreed, and she has enjoyed the bed every night since then.

The night of the party she was so very excited to see the same Pencil Post Bed on our showroom floor! After talking to her about how the bed was made and showing her that each woodworker signs each piece, she was going to go home and tear her bed apart looking for the woodworker's signature.

You may be interested to know that Thos. Moser is no stranger to film and TV. In 2004, our furniture was featured extensively in "The Notebook", the movie adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks book starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. More recently, the award-winning (yet short-lived) TV drama "Commander In Chief" used our furniture in the show's version of the White House (CLICK HERE to watch the TV news story that ran about it here in Maine).

Other film credits for Moser furniture include "Bicentennial Man" with Robin Williams, "Braveheart" with Mel Gibson, "Waiting to Exhale" with Whitney Houston, "Taking Lives" with Angelina Jolie, "The Invasion" with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, and "Not So Big House" with Sarah Susanka.

In addition to "Commander in Chief", Moser furniture has been seen on TV in such shows as "This Old House", "The Price Is Right" (way back in 1984, Episode 914), "Simply Ming" with Ming Tsai, "Nash Bridges", and "Maine in Maine".

Thanks again to the SDSA, we look forward to working with your members for many years to come!

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