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Just in! Thos. Moser Customer in Residence Program named one of top ten best trips by TravelandLeisure.com!


We were thrilled to see that we made the list of the ten best midlife-crisis trips by TravelandLeisure.com! Our Customer in Residence Program was featured as #6 on the list in the article, Forget the Ferrari: travel can transform your life. Here are 10 trips to make it happen. 

Also worth noting:
Pam Hurley Moser (David Moser's wife), owner of Hurley Travel Experts, was quoted in the article on the new wave of travel, including #9 on the list Flying into Outer Space with Virgin Galactic, of which she is an authorized travel agent for. 

Very exciting to see Auburn, Maine rank among the likings of surfing in Fiji, climbing Kilimanjaro and traveling to Outer Space!



Another Moser makes the news!


Pamela Hurley-Moser, wife of designer David Moser, and owner of Hurley Travel Experts in Portland, ME is one of 50 travel consultants in the U.S. chosen as an Accredited Space Agent for Virgin Galactic, which is offering rides into space for a ticket price of just $200,000 dollars.

Pam heads to Mohave, California, this month to meet Virgin founder and Chairman Sir Richard Branson and aircraft designer Burt Rutan, as they unveil SpaceShip Two, now in its final stages of development. Pam is the only consultant in Maine!

It has been reported that over 300 people from around the world have ponied up $40 million in deposits to guarantee spots aboard SpaceShip Two!

We wish Pam luck and can't wait to see pictures!

Click here for the press release and more details on Pam's trip.

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