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Introducing Ellipse: the newest collection from Thos. Moser


Traditional Thos. Moser - naturally.

In 1972, we made the decision to follow our hearts and fully commit ourselves to cabinetmaking. We also made a few simple promises. We would produce furniture that was both purposeful and elegant in its simplicity. Our furniture would celebrate the fine hardwoods we had grown to admire, both for their workability and their intrinsic beauty. Lastly, we would pursue our passion for the methods and styles of historical periods we had long admired - absorbing their wisdom to augment our own. With those promises, we knew we could produce furniture that would serve generations to come, confident that true craftsmanship would always transcend the whim of trends - and endure countless decades of regular use. Now, forty years later, that tradition continues with the introduction of our newest offering: Ellipse - a collection which aligns naturally with the enduring values that have allowed us to grow and thrive. A truly collaborative design between father and son, Ellipse is a creative response to many of the social and economic issues that defined the middle of the last century. In Ellipse, you'll discover the manifestation of our core beliefs: a desire to use precious materials efficiently, a hunger for a return to the fundamental, a modernist's trust that a focus on the functional can be a route to profound beauty, and a belief that good design is a powerful tool to help us reimagine a bold new world - in the simplest possible terms. We have always been students of simplicity - and simplicity is the very essence of Ellipse. Using distinctive design elements like through tenons, exposed end grains, gentle elliptical forms and space-efficient profiles, Ellipse is the purest, most elemental line we have ever designed. And at Thos. Moser, elemental means beauty. Economy of form. And the uncompromising craftsmanship ever synonymous with our name.


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