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There's Just Something About Maine...

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“We fell in love with Maine during our second honeymoon,” says Tom Moser. “So much in life is historical accident!” The Thos. Moser story, in fact, swims with historical accidents of sorts—memories of the jagged coastline of the upper reaches of the continental U.S. calling a young couple back to its frothing waters and woods, a woodworking tradition in Maine serving as an inspiration for Tom’s aspirations, and the last extant shaker village near where the couple decided to settle drawing Tom again and again as he studied the fine craftsmanship that he held in the highest esteem. 

“I was a first generation American—my mom was German and my father was Austrian—both settled in Milwaukee,” Tom explains. “I met Mary in high school and we knew we wanted to leave because the suburban culture was all about acquisition. Fashion has a life cycle of a season and we didn’t agree with what we were seeing. We left when we were 18, and once we had visited Maine, we discovered the Northeastern values and felt very much at home with them.”

Everyone who flocks to the state in the winter to snow ski or in the summer to enjoy our dramatic coastline sees what’s the most obvious to everyone about why we love being a part of this great state. I guess it’s one of Maine’s best-kept little secrets that the true depth of our love for where we live—the beautiful snow-packed mountains and craggy coastline notwithstanding—is its artisanal heart!
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