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Showing Off Our Earthy Side


To have and to holdAsk any of our cabinetmakers whether we have an earthy side and you’ll likely get a nod and a smile. We’ve instituted some important initiatives in our shop that make us feel good when celebrations like Earth Day come around. We’ve fully transitioned to a system of “lean manufacturing,” which means we keep the stock trimmed down to "just what’s needed, when it's needed", rather than filling our shelves copious amounts of lumber taking up space for indefinite periods of time. We make the most out of a minimum, which, after all, is the essence of good design!

 Sanding a componentWe’ve also installed vacuum systems or downdraft tables on many of our machines to keep the dust down, an important step because it improves the working conditions for our cabinetmakers who are dedicated to creating our finely-crafted furniture. “We’re very conscious of dust,” says cabinetmaker Mike Beaumont, who’s been with Thos. Moser for 6 years; “keeping it to a minimum is a priority!” We’ve also instituted a misting system that keeps the shop’s humidity at an optimum level for both our workers and our wood. We see these two as inseparable in our world: it's kind of like a horse and carriage—where would one be without the other?


Cherry and ash, crafted to lastWe are proud of our stewardship of forest resources, exemplified by our choices of American black cherry, walnut, and ash hardwoods as the medium with which we craft our original furniture designs. Our creations are intended to outlast the lifecycle of the trees from which they originate, ensuring that the supply will not be outstripped by demand. We love that our timber supplies are certified by either the Forest Stewardship Council or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and travel less than 500 miles from forest to shop.

 Are you doing something special to celebrate Earth Day this Friday?  Please leave a comment; we’d love to know about it!

The Oscar Buzz Has Us Thinking...

oscar resized 600Legendary fashion designers who are lauded for their stellar careers have something in common. Certainly, they develop an eye for the avant-garde and are celebrated as visionaries, but their enduring reputations are assured when they introduce classic collections that will stand the test of time. You can bet that when the beautiful people adorn the red carpet at the Academy Awards this weekend, there will be an abundance of flowing fabrics sweeping down the famed walkway with couture labels naming the likes of Valentino, Versace and de la Renta nestled into the seams.
Just as the stars pay careful attention when choosing their fashion statements for the Oscars, Thos. Moser customers—whom we’ve come to regard as the celebrities of our world—look to our furniture collections with an eye to classic lines that will become timeless treasures.
lolling chair and ottoman 1 73599668 resized 600
Take our Lolling Collection—let’s call the chair and ottoman Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress to the frumpy frock of the nondescript recliner—which we see as the perfect fashionable choice when it’s chic comfort that’s desired. The collection comes in cherry and walnut, and also includes side tables—the requisite accessories, of course! Our Wing Collection also soars with high style—its curvaceous chairs, settees and sofas, and graceful tables taking center stage in the most sophisticated of settings. The arcing arms are sculpted from blocks of solid cherry, carved and sanded to bring expressive beauty to the line.
HOL06 DM2PS LANDSCAPE lrRGB resized 600
We can’t help but channel one of the most notable grande dames of style, Coco Chanel, when it comes to the subject of fashion-forward choices for your home. She simply said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” We couldn’t agree more!
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