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Here's to New Sidekicks!

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Every once in a while, we enjoy tossing out a good challenge to those who are new at cutting a swath in design. What better venue to host said task than a college like the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM)? Ten class members from the Interior Design program at the Los Angeles and San Francisco campuses participated in our design challenge charging them with creating an original piece of furniture in the Moser style, one which would complement our Lolling chair.

The Design Committee Awards for the “New Sidekick for the Moser Lolling Chair” were given to San Francisco student Meghan Carozza and Los Angeles student Maelee Lungren, who is pictured above. FIDM will fly the two young designers to Maine to meet with our cabinetmakers and to take a workshop tour. San Francisco student Jamie Clugston and Los Angeles student Mark Griffin received the Interior Design ASID Industry Award during the competition.

Ryan Campbell, who won the People’s Choice Award for his dog bed design, had this to say in the FIDM Magazine, "Working with Thos. Moser on this design challenge was an amazing experience. We as a group were all very supportive of each other's designs, and all shared our advice. I am very proud of ourselves as a collective group, and was impressed with how wide a range our designs were." We at Thos. Moser are also mightily impressed with the ingenuity and the vision these students brought to their designs. Congratulations to each of you!
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