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The Art of Comfort

It is said that each of us has 25,000 mornings. If you feel as we do—that the burgeoning of the day sets the tone for the hours that follow—spending those moments surrounded by passionately produced furniture is a wonderful way to help ensure a proper kick-off to your momentum. If you’re someone who values comfort as well (and who doesn’t!), our collections include a few standouts that will envelop you in serenity as you sip your morning coffee or tea, or sit with the morning paper to glean the news of the day before the hustle and bustle of the busy world takes hold.
Kinesis Low resized 600
Kinesis is the Greek word that means, “to move”—an important concept behind David Moser’s designs for this chair and ottoman, because the energy behind them transcends potential energy, which lies latent in mass, and reaches into kinetic energy, which is produced by a body in motion. It's what happens when force is exerted on mass, a dynamic that this furniture distills, fusing everything we've learned about wood, ergonomics, and sculpture into an extraordinary work of art.
And this chair is art indeed—albeit art of the truly interactive variety. Combining a fine-art cast bronze sculpture base with a hand-shaped, curved silhouette, this chair and its companion ottoman could only be created by a designer who understands that within every slab of wood resides a flowing spirit. What makes this piece particularly interesting is its confluence of three disparate crafts—the ancient and coarse art of bronze casting, the feminine touch of needlecraft, and the joiner's skillful use of wood. Oh, and did we mention how cozy it is?
JAN10 CHZ LRrgb resized 600
The streamlined minimalism of the German Bauhaus greatly influenced French master designer Le Corbusier. His 1920s chair is the primary inspiration for our Chaise, rendered not in the Bauhaus’s stark chromed steel, but in American black cherry. Composed of strong, flitch-cut cherry and a moderately padded full-grain-leather cushion, it is one of the most comfortable chairs you will find. A simple push on the arm gently shifts the chair into its reclined position and back.
We see Chaise as "comfort delivered" and it brings to mind another devotee of everything Bauhaus, Walter Gropius, who believed, “Design is neither an intellectual nor a material affair, but simply an integral part of the stuff of life, necessary for everyone in a civilized society.” The intent behind this design was to build pieces with edges and joints that literally flow, and sculptural surfaces that encourage the eye to roam, which is, ironically enough, the last thing the body wants to do once Chaise has nestled you in!  Simple gravity, not cumbersome levers and springs, gently shifts the chair into its reclined position and back. That’s the epitome of relaxation to us, a delight we’re happy to pass along to you.
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