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Edo Trestle Table gets some more attention


Last summer David Moser won gold at the Spark Awards for his Edo Trestle Table. Well, in the true spirit of "blogs can be about anything", this particular blogger has compiled a blog about awarded or nomineed products from various design awards and competitions. Since the Edo Trestle Table was award a gold at the Sparks, she included it in her blog (click on the image to go to our entry her blog)...

Shown above in Walnut, the Edo Trestle Table has quickly become one of our most popular dining tables.

Design Hole features David Moser as Designer of the Week


Jennifer Mitchell is a designer based in Detroit. Her blog Design Hole is one of our favorites. Not only does she get bonus points for blogging about Moser numerous times, but her overall sense for design is right on target. We reccomend you add her blog as one of your regular stops on the web...here are some links to her entires about Thos. Moser:

Art & Design for Life, by Katy Elliot


Katy Elliot is a blogger who has this to say about us:

I've been in love with [Moser] furniture since I was kid. The cherry dining tables are beyond gorgeous. The color and luster are stunning—sanded so smooth you won't be able to stop running your hands over the tabletop. The images don't do justice to the quality of the workmanship in each and every piece. When you buy a piece from Thomas Moser your buying an heirloom that will be passed down for generations.

And she knows what she is talking about....Katy was at House & Garden magazine for a few years and now does freelance web editorial and production over at Domino magazine. She uses her blog as place to organize all the things she finds along the way.

Thanks for the kinds words, Katy!

The Artful Blogger (Portland, Maine)


Fletcher shows in the other L.A.

From the surprisingly big-time department, Maine figurative artist Tanya Fletcher will show her work in March in the new Los Angeles showroom of Maine-based furniture-maker Thos. Moser, opening in March.

When she got word that she was selected to show in Thos. Moser’s L.A., Fletcher thought that meant Lewiston-Auburn.

She focuses her work on the human form, and in particular details of the body – a hand, the lips or neckline. In current work, she emphasizes the hands as they are engaged in furniture making. “My hope is that the figurative movement of the hands illustrates and encompasses the totality of the actual individual in the act of crafting a piece,” she said in an e-mail.

To learn more, visit http://tanyafletcher.com/ or http://www.thosmoser.com/.

Design*Sponge Rocker Roundup


Design*Sponge did a "Rocking Chair Roundup" and among the many rockers they chose to profile were two from Moser.

Here's a blurb of what they had to say...

What better way to spend a lazy weekend than rocking away on your porch. ok, so maybe most of us don’t have porches to rock on, but we can at least rock in the comfort of our own apartments. here is a roundup of rocking chairs (and a few gliders) that range from modern to more traditional in a wide range of prices. enjoy! stay tuned for something to put your feet up on next.

For the rest of the story CLICK HERE

High Stools in NYC


A home bar generally reflects the character of the owner. Whether you are a sports fan, wine lover, pool shark, art patron, or some combination, if you have a bar in your home chances it has taken on your personality, even if by "accident".

We found this link on one of our favorite blogs, apartmenttherapy.com in the New York section...


While this author was just looking to get some more wood into his bar area, our collection of stools ranges from sleek and modern to traditional and no matter what type of personality you give to your bar area, a set of Moser stools will help you make the right statement.

Some blogs have all the fun (and generate LOTS of traffic)


For the last year or so, there is one blog in particular that seems to have captured the attention of bloggers and tech-geeks from Silicon Valley to the Big Apple. The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs is a humorous tech-inspired blog is not, in fact, penned by the Apple CEO (although Jobs anmd Bill Gates are said to be avid readers) and until recently the blogger's true identity remained a mystery.

For his entry on Aug 18, Fake Steve posted a rather off-hand reference (with a link) to Thos. Moser. The results were astounding. On the first day alone, over 1,500 clicked the link to our site. The next day another 1,000, and for the next few days after that the clicks just kept mounting up. To date this innocuous reference in a non-furniture-related blog is the single highest traffic generating link to our site yet. Ahhhh, the power of the internet. CLICK HERE to see the post that generated all this traffic to our site.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Well, not really an end because there is little doubt that this infamous-turned-famous blog will carry on, so perhaps just the end of an era. At about the time the post with our link hit the blogosphere, Fake Steve was outed by NY Times reporter Brad Stone. The mystery was spoiled and reaction was immediate, but still the traffic just keeps on coming.

Uncrate.com features Moser


We had never heard of Uncrate.com before they were kind enough to showcase our Vita Dresser.

Here is how they describe themselves:

Uncrate is the No. 1 buyer's guide for men. We test and highlight cool items from cell phones to DVDs to cars. Five new products are added every week day for your perusal.

Anway, we appreciate their support, here is a link:


Tom Moser interview on NPR radio show

THom Moser in his workshop at Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers

From Scratch is a weekly radio show hosted by Jessica Harris about the entrepreneurial life that airs on NPR, and recently featured an interview with Tom Moser.

From Scratch personalizes the lives of the nation’s leading pioneers from the business world, the social sector, entertainment, and the arts by providing listeners with a candid, first-hand view of their launching process. Guests speak about their sources of inspiration, set backs, financial hurdles, partnership dynamics, feelings of self doubt, helpful allies, and break though moments.

Click this link to visit the From Scratch website and listen to the interview:


If you have aby problems with the link above, use this link to visit the NPR website where you can link to the audio:


The Happy Haven searches for Eden and finds...Moser.


We came across this blog today...salt box girl had some very complimentary things to say about our furniture at her Happy Haven blog.

Many thanks to her cousin Matt (wherever you are!) for introducing her to us!

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